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I’m the new club reporter for the Paintearth 4-H Club, Tiara van Zandbergen.
We had Achievement Day in June at Orams arena. The 4-H club members had their 4-H ATB awards handed out to them and members gave presentations on what they did and learned in 4-H.
We had a horse show where all the Light Horse 4-H projects demonstrated what they’d learned.
There were also horse races to finish off the 4-H year.
This summer we had four 4-H members go to the Battle Lake 4-H provincial camp. We also volunteered our time at the gate and clean up at the Castor Rodeo and gymkhana at Alliance on Canada Day.
This year there is a new executive, President: Keir Heidecker, Vice President: Dylan Heidecker, Sectary: Sarah Baker, Treasurer: Kurt Heidecker, Historians: Taytum Walh, Taylor Seba, District Rep: Cade van Zandbergen, Dylan Heidecker and Club Reporter, Tiara.
New projects this year include Health Wellness  and Quilting as well as Horse, Small Engine and Welding and Digital Photography/Scrapbooking.
The new 4-H club is doing activities such as the tree decorating for the Festival of Trees at Pals Park, bowling for a Christmas Party and crafting a club 4-H display at the Castor ATB.

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