Paintearth 100 Women Who Care donate $28,500 to local organizations

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The Paintearth 100 Women Who Care, a group of women who contribute four times a year to organizations in need of funding, have donated $28,500 to five organizations within the county over the past years.

Currently, the Paintearth 100 Women Who Care group which was inspired by international giving circle has 107 members, said Doreen Blumhagen.

“In order to join the giving circle you must sign a membership form and commit to donating $100 four times a year as an individual or as a team.”

Organizations and groups which receive donations are nominated and chosen by the members.

“The group, organization or worthy cause has five minutes to present to the membership at our meetings as to why they are worthy of the money and what they would use it for. No budgets, handouts, props or power points are allowed.”

At each of the meetings, an organization or group is chosen to receive $7,600.

There are many worthy causes that don’t qualify for government grants, said Blumhagen.

“With Paintearth 100 Women Who Care organizations, worthy causes can still be supported by the community. For the women who want to support worthy groups but may not have the time to fundraise this group is a way to do that.”

Sarah Baker
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