Overpaid and not capable of governing

Dear Editor,

I agree with Premier Redford there is no comparison between doctor’s salaries and that of the Premier. Doctors have to take years of training and demonstrate their skills and ability to be a doctor.

The Premier to date has done neither. How did she get to the position she holds today? First she bought a leadership race with taxpayer dollars by making a promise that she did keep.

She then bought an election with pie in the sky promises that many knew she could never keep. After getting elected her party produced a budget that could not be kept.

For months after she claimed that the finances of the Province were just fine, suddenly an excuse from the Premier, the price of oil has dropped so we will have to run a deficit. (Between $3-6 billion? Give us a break.)

Then the scandals broke after such a short time as Premier. Most politicians take many years to build a scandal sheet that long. I have yet to see much of a positive nature come from this current government in Alberta.

Premier Redford has done nothing to show she has any skill or ability to be Premier of this great province. Definitely Premier Redford is overpaid and is not capable of governing the province. The best for all would be for her to resign.

Richard Preston

Hanna, Alberta

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