Our doctors need our help!

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Dear Editor,

During the past few weeks, I have been distressed to see the Government of Alberta wage a war with the very people who are putting their lives on the line every day to help us during a time of unprecedented pandemic.

Unlike many Albertans, I am fortunate enough to have had the same doctor for almost 20 years.

My doctor has taken the time to know me, my family, and my community. My doctor knows me well enough to read between my ramblings and realize when something that is just a nuisance to me, could actually be seriously wrong.

My doctor listens and has always been there in my time of need.  I do not want my doctor to leave our town and our province because of the disrespect and lack of appreciation shown by the elected politicians for the long hours in the emergency room and the reception area full of patients that need to see a doctor.

I do not want my doctor and the other doctors in our community to sell their homes and their practices and leave.

Many communities have worked hard to attract even one doctor.

Numerous doctors are so overloaded that they can no longer see new patients.

I believe that most doctors try to stay out of the game of politics, preferring to work with sick, injured and dying patients.

I am told that it has become a struggle for our doctors to do their jobs when they are being attacked by their own employers.

Those employers, by the way, are the people that were voted into place to represent and respect all Albertans and to be truthful and honest.

I do believe that things can always be improved.  But, instead of sitting down together and having frank, truthful, and courteous discussions to identify and solve the issues that the doctors and the politicians have, the politicians took it upon themselves to tear up the existing contract with no agreement in place.

Then to make it worse they have continued to wage war with our fine doctors.

It is now time for all Albertans to enter the discussions and let the politicians know that their behaviour is not acceptable!

What can one voice and one person do?  I ask myself that and I realize that one person in the wilderness cannot do much, but if I tell even two people and those two people tell two people, well suddenly our elected officials take notice because it is no longer a single voice but a chorus throughout the province.

With COVID in mind, I did not want to organize a petition to be signed, instead I am inviting my fellow Albertans to start a letter, email, and a telephone campaign to support our doctors.

I am asking that all Albertans send a message to the Government of Alberta, the Premier, the Minister of Health and your elected MLA.

The message is simple:  Bring back the Alberta Medical Association Agreement that was in place until such time as a new contract has been negotiated and accepted by all.

Give back the doctors’ rights to binding arbitration that other essential workers have.

Provide all Albertans with the truth.

Treat our doctors with respect and listen to their advice and concerns.

Work together to advance health care, decrease wait times, improve seniors care, support mental health, and provide stability to our health care system.

Please feel free to copy this one if you want.

Send a letter to our Premier at Office of the Premier, 307 Legislature Building, 10800 – 97 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6, or email to premier@gov.ab.ca, or call toll free 310-0000, 780-427-2251.

Send a letter to the Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro at Minister of Health, Office of the Minister Health, 423 Legislature Building, 10800 – 97 Avenue, Edmonton, Alta. T5K 2B6 or email him at health.minister@gov.ab.ca or call toll free 310-0000, 780-427-3665.

Call or send a letter to the local MLA.  You can find the address, telephone number or email by searching Alberta Government website or by call toll free to 310-0000.

Our doctors deserve our help.  They are always there for us and now we need to be there for them.  We cannot afford to lose a single doctor.

M. Malinowski,
Didsbury, Alta.

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