Ottawa yawned

Dear Editor,

To those who object to the idea of Alberta separation, consider this: when the USA enacted tariffs on steel and aluminum that impacted Quebec and Ontario, Ottawa acted immediately.

When Ontario needed a subsidy to repurpose an auto manufacturing plant to electric vehicles, Ottawa was there. But when Joe Biden cancelled Keystone XL, Ottawa yawned.

Polls show BC at 59 per cent, Ontario at 62 per cent and Quebec at 74 per cent thought the cancellation was fine and the majority of Canadians felt Alberta should just suck it up.

The Federal Liberals are destroying the future of Canadians by their immoral spending of borrowed money. For those who say “but Alberta is landlocked” so is Switzerland, and it is doing fine.


Gord Snell

AKA Mr. Separatist

Three Hills, Alta.

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