Organizational review fantastic, says Fegan

A major topic of discussion at the Council meeting on June 8 was the Organization Review for Council and Administration. 

Councillors were given a copy of the report conducted by Bassa Social Innovations. Two key outcomes were sought.

1.) “That the Village of Delburne’s organizational framework be clarified regarding the mandate and scope for operational excellence, people processes and technology to align with (provincial) legislation” and

2.) “Those leadership competencies are enhanced.”

The report indicated that “the project was broken down into five key areas:

(a)literature review, (b) people and process mapping, (c) roles and responsibilities matrix, (d) Policy process and job description updates, and (e) leadership coaching.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Karen Fegan in her Request for Decision summarized that “the organizational framework process has been a fantastic exercise for all staff and has been a great learning experience.” 

She also intimated that “the Organization Review has helped to better align operations, increase delegated authority and open up space to focus on strategic development and leadership as directed by council.” 

A concluding interest is to transition the Village of Delburne from relationship centrio organization to a system centrio organization with a people priority. 

Council accepted unanimously the Organization Review and its implementation effective July 1, 2021 on a motion by Coun. Tim Wilson.

Other matters

The Fees and Charges Bylaw 1171/2021 was given first, second and third readings to amend the removal of dog fees. 

The dog fees and charges are now listed in the Responsible Pet Owners Bylaw. 

As well, the maintenance of the Delburne Cemetery was discussed by council. The Public Works Department is asking if Council would consider contracting the maintenance out or having an additional seasonal worker to manage the cemetery as the workload increases during the summer months. 

After some preliminary discussion, Mayor Bill Chandler asked that this item be placed on the agenda of the next council meeting.

During round table discussions, Coun. Darlene Dushanek asked about the progress of the Delburne Lake Recreation area development under the auspices of Red Deer County. 

Mayor Chandler responded that Alberta Environment is conducting an environmental assessment due to the high level of the water on the two lakes, and functionality of the culvert system.

Council made a decision to not sanction the annual July 1 parade expressing that private organizations can undertake their own events.


by Ray Reckseidler

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