Organizational meeting for Village of Morrin

Howard Helton and M’Liss Edwards were returned to their positions as mayor and deputy mayor consecutively in a 2 – 1 vote at the Village of Morrin organizational meeting on Wed. Oct. 17.

Coun. Bob Graham asked why it would not be logical to rotate the three positions.

“My thought was that right now it seems to me that we’re are on a roll and to do it [rotate positions] in another year,” said Coun. Edwards.

Council unanimously voted all other board reps remain the same except for the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) be director for Public Safety Services committee and Public Safety Alternate as per the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

A new planning committee was also added with the CAO Annette Plachner, Coun. Graham and Mayor Helton appointed.

The Alberta Government has made it mandatory for villages to develop an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) and a Municipal Development Plan (MDP). Previously villages were exempt from this municipal planning.

Council passed a motion in the regular meeting on Oct. 18 to hire Vicinia Planning & Engagement Inc. of Calgary to do the study.

The villages of Morrin, Munson and Delia and Starland County area will all be included in the plans which will also include public input.

“It is a community document,” stated Elizabeth Armitage, principal of Vicinia Planning in a phone interview, “and we are here to help develop them with community members”.

Council signed a government grant application for $20,000 to pay Vicinia for the study.

Council amended the minutes of the Sept. 19 meeting in regards to the school award incorrectly named for the most improved Grade 10 student back to a Social 30 village award.

The mix-up occurred involving the personal award by the previous deputy mayor, David Macleod. Village Employee

Code of Conduct Policy

CAO Plachner told council there already was a copy of the Municipal Code of Conduct for CAO’s in Municipal Affairs Act.

“I’m covered with this so we can make one for Dave,” said CAO Plachner.

Developing this bylaw had first been brought up in the July 18 meeting. We can create our own,” said Mayor Helton.

Coun. Edwards drew attention to an AUMA document that was given to all new councillors in their training session that provides information for a formal approach and process stating “This is quite good. It gives us an idea of what we are doing.”

Municipal Affairs says a performance appraisal once a year and evaluation is part of the process. Mayor Helton reiterated that “part of the project was to compare that one with this one”.

Coun. Graham tabled the motion so that the two documents can be compared by the councillors and come up with an Employee Code of Conduct for the CAO and employees of the village.

Christmas decorations

In other business, council did not have costs for Christmas light pole decorations, however, Coun. Graham moved to have the CAO purchase six as it would be too late to order them for this Christmas if the decision was left to the next meeting.

“I was looking at the simplest ones, easy to put up, easy to take down,” said Coun. Edwards. “Very similar to what we had before.”

“[They are] Usually around $600 – 700 each,” said CAO Plachner.

Project Status Reports

Council went over the Project Status Report with many of the projects being finalized including the flags, sidewalk tripping repairs and curb stops that are ongoing and Peloquin sewer repair completed. The size of the generator for the village water pumps is still being looked at.

It was not known who was supposed to be doing the flower barrels.

Just leave it on, said Coun. Graham. Coun. Edwards reported on her conversation with Don Yavis, Principal at the Morrin School.

“Each classroom is going to paint a [refuge] barrel. He thought it was a great idea.”

Coun. Edwards will contact Dave Benci to make sure we have enough barrels for each class and to determine how many are needed throughout the village.

Edwards also noted that the senior high classes would do the curb painting in the spring. Students have to put in volunteer hours so that will work in well.

When questioned as to the plastic pipe in the tennis court and a need for a larger gate into the court, council learned that public works were intending on utilizing the space for storage rather than a bike park which had been suggested at a previous meeting by a resident.

A suggestion that plastic pipe deteriorates in the sunlight and public works should check out the value of storing this pipe, prices for a larger gate and a tarp to surround it prompted CAO Plachner to have public works look into all of it.

CAO Plachner volunteered to get copies of other Cannabis bylaws from similar-sized communities to bring forward to the village council at their November meeting.

Fire Department Request

In council reports, Coun. Edwards, the council rep on the Morrin Fire Dept. brought forward a request from the department to appear in front of council at their next meeting.

Coun. Graham noted that Don Yavis would like to start a hockey program through the school and was hoping for use of the ice, however, Graham noted the Ag Society, who operates the arena didn’t see that as possible as it would involve extra staff.

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