Organizational meeting at Clearview

The Board of Trustees held their organizational meeting on Aug. 28, 2019 prior to the regular board meeting. Greg Hayden was acclaimed as Board chair and Guy Neitz vice-chair for a one year term.

Trustees also reviewed honourariums and benefits available to trustees and elected to maintain compensation at the 2018-19 levels.

Our schools are safe

Clearview Public Schools is committed to the protection of Clearview’s employees, contractors, volunteers and students Clearview serves.

Our commitment is based on the philosophy that health and safety excellence is a value expected of the organization, its management and employees.

By supporting and implementing these values with diligence, Clearview Public Schools strives to create an environment in which the potential for injuries and property loss can be prevented.

Clearview’s objective is to prevent injuries and property damage in all work execution and operations.

This will be achieved by creating a work atmosphere in which health and safety is the first and foremost consideration, and in which all actions are based on safety.

Clearview has been enhancing many aspects of safety training and preparedness over the past five years.

Staff now have a formal process to report hazards in the workplace.

Hazards being reported do not need to go through the site manager and are immediately forwarded to Clearview’s Safety Coordinator for priority follow up.

Further, hazards receive priority ranking in the work order system to ensure faster responses to correct the hazard.

Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards

Alberta is home to thousands of generous volunteers who dedicate their time to making our province a better place to live and work.

Each year, the Government of Alberta celebrates these outstanding citizens with the Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards.

Six awards will be presented this year, two in each category of youth, adult and senior.

Each and every volunteer who steps forward to donate their time and talent is a vital resource contributing to the overall success of our province.

The Alberta Government encourages nominations for the volunteers in your schools and communities who demonstrate extraordinary initiative, leadership and creativity in their service to others.

To celebrate our volunteers in our schools, the Board of Trustees will seek to nominate the same recipients of the 2019 Clearview Star Award: Teresa Kneeland of Teresa’s Catering, and Firefighters Steve Maruk, Justin Tanner and Troy Auton as part of the Stettler Regional Fire Department.

Superintendent’s spotlights

Superintendent Barron provided a report on the work in Clearview Public Schools which is moving our Education Plan forward and creating a first choice learning environment for Clearview’s students.

The Superintendent shared how he and the team are excited for the new year.

Superintendent Barron attended the College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) Summer Conference with Deputy Superintendent MacDonald, Associate Superintendent Neale, Division Principal Siemens, and Director of Inclusive Learning Gosse.

The focus of the sessions was on employment law, inclusive education and the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard (SLQS) course.

The Clearview professional learning day was held August 27 with keynote speaker David Irvine being well received.

David Irvine also worked with school principals in the afternoon.

Other sessions offered that day for staff included PowerSchool, literacy, mindfulness, First Nations, Metis and Inuit.

Educational Assistants (EAs) and teachers learned about Autism strategies from presenter Kitty Parlby.

Parlby provided perspectives as a former EA as well as a parent.

Thirty-one EAs and teachers attended this session.

A survey was sent out to gather feedback on the opening Professional Learning Day to start planning for next year.

The Superintendent hosted August 29 the orientation day for new staff on Aug. 29.

In September, new principal and new teacher mentorship training will continue from the August orientation sessions.

Division Principal Siemens has been visiting new principals and providing supports starting last week.

Deputy Superintendent MacDonald and Division Principal Siemens attended a workshop in Edmonton on a diagnostic assessment for mathematics and investigating how it could be implemented in Clearview.



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