Optimism in the midst of Hardship

From the economic challenges faced by east central Alberta, to the uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic brought, it has been a difficult few years to say the least. Yet, in the midst of it all, the resilience of Canadians has shone through. 

Travelling across Battle River—Crowfoot, I’ve seen a growing feeling of optimism about our future as we are able to open our businesses, see our loved ones, and live life without restrictions. 

This optimism comes despite the many hardships over the last couple of years as well as the challenges to come as we face drought, a struggling economy, and a challenging national political situation. 

This speaks to the willingness to soldier on despite the odds, a trait that has long defined rural Alberta.

That said, each day I hear how folks from across this constituency are fed up with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his scandal-plagued Liberals. We want a government that respects provinces, acts in the best interests of all Canadians, and isn’t lining their own pockets. 

Ensuring there is an ethical and strong alternative to the Trudeau Liberals is something Canada’s Conservatives are working toward each and every day. 

The question of an election is a difficult one. Many folks have shared that a summer election is not appropriate, and it is important to ensure that the economic and fiscal consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are better understood, and investigations into the Prime Minister’s conduct have been completed. 

Overall, there is very little trust that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will be fair players in a pandemic election. 

Generally, a minority Parliament sees an election triggered by a loss of a vote of confidence in the House of Commons, something that has not happened because the Liberals have been propped up by the NDP. 

However, there is no enforcement mechanism in place that would stop a Prime Minister from going to the Governor General to ask for an election to be called. If the rumours are true, it sounds like the Prime Minister will break his word and ask for an election in the coming weeks.

The timing of an election is supposed to reflect the democratic process — either the four-year fixed date or a confidence vote in the peoples’ House of Commons. 

However, neither the will of the people nor the law has stopped our current Prime Minister from trying to do what he feels is in his political best interest. 

As your Member of Parliament, you can count on me to work diligently each and every day on your behalf, regardless of the election speculation. And when an election is called, I will be proud to once again have my name on the ballot as your Conservative choice, ready to stand on my record and present a plan that will focus on securing your, and east central Alberta’s future. 


By Damien C. Kurek,

Battle River—Crowfoot MP

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