Opinion pieces always thought provoking

Dear Editor,
Mr. Schwenk’s opinion pieces are always thought provoking. In this case they have provoked me to write this letter.
An ongoing theme seems to be that bureaucrats are responsible for government policy. This is not correct. Governments set policies, bureaucrats implement policies.
Bureaucrats may draft policies, but it is governments who direct them to do so, and ultimately it is governments who set them into legislation.
In the case of electricity deregulation as referred to in the Feb. 25 column, it was the former PC government’s ideology that “competition is always better” without analyzing the possible consequences that took us down that road.
It is interesting that Mr. Schwenk blames the “bureaucrats” for the PC government’s electricity deregulation debacle, but the “NDP government” for all of its policies.
By all means, blame the NDP government, but also put blame on the 44 years of PC government whose complacency and lack of foresight got us where we are today.
Marion Oberg Riise
Forestburg, AB

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