Opens the door for government to abuse their power

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Dear Editor,

I’d like to respond to the author of ‘Stimulus cheques turn people into domesticated pigs?’ on Pg. 7, June 4th. 

The author either misunderstands people’s concerns or chooses to ignore history. 

People’s issue with socialism is that tyrannical governments like communism don’t happen overnight, they start with more moderate forms like socialism. 

Like communist leader Vladimir Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”. 

We’re worried when the socialist regimes of Canada, New Zealand and Australia start to restrict our rights to property and the right to arm ourselves. 

History has proved time and again that the first step for a totalitarian state is to disarm people and to relieve their property to the state so they cannot fight back against tyranny. 

The federal government has already tried to take our guns. That’s only the first step, but where does it end? 

You might not think we need them but if the government criminalizes things based on necessity, where do they stop? 

Do you need more than one car? Do you need more than one kid? Maybe we should go the route of China (communist by the way) and have a one child policy. 

Do you need that trip to the city or out of town? Maybe we should ban all unnecessary travel. The government would, of course, be the ones to determine whether your travel is necessary. 

These laws on the surface level might seem genuinely good. 

However, beneath the surface they could have sinister intentions, and it opens the door for the government to abuse the power handed them, thus our cynicism. 

I also think a lot of people misunderstand current gun laws and gun terminology. For example machine guns, bump stocks and “assault rifles” have been illegal for decades. 

The majority of people don’t even know what an assault rifle is. 

According to the United States Army an assault rifle is a rifle that can switch between fully automatic, semi automatic and safe, uses an intermediate round and has a detachable magazine. 

Your use of sniper rifle is also a flawed term because what one person considers a sniper rifle another might consider a hunting rifle or target rifle. 

Your claims that anyone who is right of centre in their political beliefs and is against socialism is somehow a racist, sexist or misogynist, that we’re all against the equality of minority races or women is very generalizing and frankly ridiculous. 

We’re for all of those things. We just have different ideas on how to do that. 

Your statement on how we’re all for the bailout of banks and corporations is also wrong. 

We are against all bailouts of anyone, banks, corporations, small businesses and individuals. 

These bailouts should have never been put in place because the economy should never have been shut down. 

Sure, protect the vulnerable. Lockdown the nursing homes, shutdown the schools in virus hotspots, but let the rest of us go to work and school. 

These people should have never lost their jobs. 

The statement that just handing out money is going to turn people into domesticated pigs is 100 per cent true. We’ve seen this before with the welfare program and disability funding. People sit around all day sucking off the government teat. 

If there’s no reason to work if the government will provide housing and money, what is the point of working?


Kode Peacock

Coronation, Alta.

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