Open Letter to the Premier

Written by ECA Review

Dear Editor,

In light of your MLAs feeling free to travel to Hawaii and Mexico, and your chief of staff travelling to Great Britain, then sneaking back to Alberta via the U.S., it is time to completely lift the lock-down in Alberta.

Albertans recognize that COVID is very contagious and extremely nasty for many, especially the elderly.  

As a people “strong and free”, we are quite capable of taking health precautions, the main one of which is, stay home if you are sick.  We do have enough sense to not visit the elderly and immune-compromised if we even have a sniffle.

If government wants to actually do something, why not offer to cover two weeks of pay for hourly wage earners if they cannot work due to COVID?  

If you are seriously concerned about those in care facilities, you would refuse to be intimidated by unions and require those unions to give workers enough hours and pay so that the workers don’t have to work in more than one facility.

Please re-open Alberta businesses so they can try to overcome the devastating effects of your lock-down.  

Suicides, financial loss, depression and loneliness are real.

Why do you dismiss the wisdom of a virologist like Dr. Modry, in favour of your health officer, a bureaucrat who is not a practicing physician? 

Bonnie Henry let it slip that the numbers allowed to gather in various situations are not evidence-based. 

There comes a point when you need to trust the common sense of the common people.

Rather than playing with numbers, it is time to respect Albertans and end the lock-down before our respect and support for you totally evaporates.


Pat Holloway

Castor, Alta.

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