Only justified in the most dire emergency

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Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to the Canadian senate.

The month leading to the implementation of the Emergencies Act started with the announcement ending the exemption for unvaccinated cross border truckers. 

Basically, they would face a 14 day quarantine upon re-entry to Canada, in effect making it impossible for drivers and owner operators to continue in their jobs if unvaccinated.

After two years of conveying the necessities of life to Canadians in spite of the risks of COVID-19, this came as a surprise and was seen as a punishment for daring to exercise their freedom of choice. 

In fact it is hard to see this as anything else given the recent evidence that the vaccine neither prevents COVID-19 or inhibits the spread. 

“Well, they could just get vaccinated” was heard from some apologists. In fact, many in other occupations when faced with the loss of their jobs, bowed to the pressure and did just that. The holdouts were duly punished. 

The problem with that is that “fully vaccinated” meant six weeks after the first jab. A minimum of 30 days between jabs and 14 days until the last is considered effective. Further it could logically follow that a third booster would be later required in the definition of fully vaccinated. That would add a minimum of 26 weeks. The affected truckers would be effectively barred from participating in their chosen professions for an undefined period.

Is it any wonder that the truckers chose to fight back with the tools they had at hand, their trucks? They had little to lose at that point. How could they foresee the suspension of their rights under the Emergencies Act.

In the ensuing weeks it seemed that  the trigger for the protest was largely forgotten. 

Instead of negotiating a solution or simply reinstating the exemption, our illustrious Prime Minister chose to vilify and call the protesters names and then disappear from view. 

It must be remembered that the option to negotiate was always there and in my opinion, would probably have ended the protest had it been applied in the early stages.

The convoy quickly came to represent much more than a simple protest against federal border mandates. (Remember that was the trigger.) It became a demand for freedom of choice as should be an automatic right in a free and democratic society. 

That led to it being dubbed “The Freedom Convoy”’ a term that reverberated around the world and led to copy cat and supportive demonstrations in most of the free world. 

This led to wide support nationally and internationally. Perhaps even by a majority of Canadians. 

This support led to a wide variety of groups and beliefs attaching their banners to the convoy. Some more radical than the core but seemingly avoided by the most extreme. 

It should be noted that the vast majority of the numerous flags flown were Canadian. Canadian flags were also in evidence at protests around the world. 

The end result was that the convoy was still a protest against vaccine mandates but had morphed into a protest against all rules implemented in the so-called fight against the pandemic. Rules and mandates implemented by Orders In Council or directly by leaders or health authorities from all levels of government. Rules implemented, in my opinion,  without parliamentary oversight or democratic process. 

This type of suspension of democracy is only justified in the most dire emergency, which arguably cannot be said of the pandemic. The resulting two years can only be described as an example of lawmakers drunk on power. 

The popularity of the convoy stemmed from a public sick of being constrained, sick of seeing lost livelihoods, sick of small businesses being destroyed, sick of political overreach, and sick of massive government overspending that will indebt our children forever. 

Their arguments opposing mandates are multitudinous and compelling. Let it be left at this for now. The mandates and lockdowns have caused extensive damage to society. Damage far in excess of the control of the pandemic that was gained.

There can be no reasonable justification for this unreasonable and dangerous precedent. It is not just the rights of peaceful protesters that are threatened but the rights of all Canadians as well. 

Actions already taken have seriously and permanently eroded Canadian trust in our institutions such as the banks and our political systems as a whole. 


Rick Kargaard

Mirror, Alta.

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