One-sided environmental policy

Recent columns written by Lorne Gunter and other columnists in the Edmonton Sun provided a very interesting bit of information.
Some time ago Justin Trudeau appointed Liberal members to the National Energy Board [NEB]. They, in their wisdom, put in an additional regulation for approval to build pipelines.
Pipeline companies now have to account for both upstream and downstream C02 emissions for approval to build the pipeline.
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation [CTF] decided to file an assess to information with the federal government to find out if foreign oil imported into Canada was subject to the same regulation.
Well, surprise, surprise. The answer is an outrageous ‘no’. This is the regulation that convinced Trans Canada to abandon the Energy East pipeline that, of course, was the objective of the regulation.
If the Energy East pipeline were to be built, Canada would not have to import any oil.
Actually Canada only produces about 750,000 more barrels of oil than it consumes.
So here we have a situation where countries like Saudi Arabia are given preference to export oil into Canada over oil produced in Canada.
Our Prime Minister gives a lot of lip service to promoting human rights and equality of opportunity for women. To the best of my knowledge women in Saudi Arabia have about the same respect as any other chattel.
I have stated before that, n my opinion, Trudeau is a hypocrite. Depending on his audience he will say anything that suits his political purpose.
He has a one track mind when it comes to climate change. He seems to be quite willing to sacrifice the economy of our country to achieve his unrealistic climate change goals and at the same time give an economic advantage to countries that abuse their women.
You can be sure that most of the mainstream media with the exception of publications like the Sun will not inform the public of this hypocrisy.
The Kinder Morgan pipeline and Enbridges Line 3 pipeline were approved before this new regulation was put into place.
However, while Trudeau says the Federal Government has approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline, he has not came out and told BC to quit opposing and interfering with the construction of the line.
You just know that he hopes Kinder Morgan will do the same thing as TransCanada did and just abandon the project.
Likewise the only reason that Rachel Notley is pushing to have the pipeline built is that it is her only hope of getting re-elected as government in Alberta.
Left wing political parties, most of the mainstream media and environmental groups refuse to debate the real reason for climate change.
What they are promoting as evidence for their cause is not evidence at all. It is simply dogma.
So far it seems the worldwide public have bought into this fraudulent misinformation. If these groups were so confident that their theory is the reason for climate change, they would welcome debate with real climate scientists.
Their only response when they are challenged is to accuse the challenger of being a climate change denier.
You do not even need to know that C02 is not the cause of climate change. Study a little history and common sense will give you the answer.
During the mid evil warm period from 850 to early 1300 it was much warmer than now, otherwise the Vikings could not have farmed on Greenland where today there is solid permafrost.
The little ice age ended about the year 1750 before the industrial revolution, so man caused C02 emissions were not a factor to cause that warming and it is not the cause of the warming today.
Our governments are prepared to spend billions of borrowed deficit dollars on climate policy that cannot possibly change a thing.
Our only hope is to lobby conservative governments to bring this destructive fraud to an end.

by Herman Schwenk

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