Oceans rising! Facts versus fiction

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Dear Editor,

Fact: the Earth is 197,000,000 sq. miles in size. Fact 71 per cent of earth’s surface is water so 197,000,000 sq. miles X .71 = 140,000,000 sq. miles of water verses 57,130,000 sq. miles of land on the earth’s surface.

Climate scientists are warning the oceans will rise 3 ft. = 36 inches or 1 meter (39 inches).

Just consider the amount of ice it would take to achieve this remarkable feat.

Let’s look at the facts. The oceans are 2.4518 times larger than the land on the earth’s surface. You would require 36 inches X 2.4518 = 7.36 feet of ice to cover the entire world’s land surface to melt and make its way into the water levels around the world.

Unlike some climate scientists, water seeks its own level.

Just to add another factor, ice only produces .92 litres of water per litre of ice, so you would have to add almost 10 per cent to the formula which makes it at 8 ft. of solid ice covering every inch of land on earth to put 3 ft. of water in the oceans.

I think everyone can rest assured the melting of Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica will not produce the spectacular forecasted events.

Another problem with the theory is the North Pole is almost entirely floating and if it did melt the ocean level would be reduced by .08 per cent.

I think this is the reason Al Gore bought oceanfront property in Florida.


Walter Suntjens

(Farmer,rancher,businessman REALIST)

Hanna, Alta.

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