Nuturing a culture of learning

Milan Cuthbert of the Hughenden Girls volleyball team readies to return the volley during the 2-day tournament hosted by Hughenden.


At Hughenden Public School we are nurturing a culture of learning.
Teachers are also expected to pursue new learning to refine their craft of teaching.  Recently our new teachers, Laura Sangster, Brittany Paulson and Cody Paul attended the ATA Beginning Teacher Conference.
They reported that this was a very worthwhile compilation of speakers who shared valuable knowledge and experience to assist in a successful start to their careers.
There are many professional learning initiatives within the School Division.  Paul also recently participated in a senior high math session and was excited about the experience stating that “it was great . . . I learned lots of hands-on activities that I can incorporate into my lessons”.
Cathy Samson was chosen to attend an Inside Education session in Jasper where she furthered her knowledge about biological diversity.  This was in particular associated with the large mammals of Alberta.
Susan Reynolds and Kimberly Ruecker attended a session on effective teaching strategies.  They are mentors for colleagues.  Lara Ledger has been receiving training associated with the new role of Inclusive Learning facilitator.


Our Senior High Girls Volleyball team hosted a two-day tournament with teams from Irma, Wainwright, Oyen, Viking and Forestburg. Accolades are given to HPS Athletic Director Ryan Duffett for doing a fantastic job of organizing the tournament and Jennifer Heather, the coach of the senior girls’ home team.
HPS Wildcats played very well.  The Irma Tigers took home first, Forestburg second, place, Wainwright Commandos third place and the HPS Wildcats placed fourth.
Grade 8 girls will be travelling to Wainwright to participate in the WOW (Wainwright on Wellness) day of activities designed just for this age group of girls.  Typically this is very helpful for learning about a variety of different support systems as girls grow up.
Thirty-five students who earned academic excellence will be treated to the annual movie and pizza night as a token of recognition of their commitment to their academics.  To qualify, this is based on the previous school year’s final grades.
We are currently in process of doing our annual magazine fundraiser sale.  The funds raised from this will go directly to students in support of reading.
The Grad Class is sponsoring their annual Christmas Market again on November 26.

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