Notley’s renewable energy fiasco


Last week I outlined some of the problems associated with wind farms and the wind turbines.  I was put in contact with a Carman Krogh from Ontario who has roots here in east central Alberta. This lady has done extensive research on the effects of wind generation in Ontario and elsewhere.  She emailed me several documents pertaining to some of the issues associated with wind generation.

There is getting to be growing resistance to wind generation in Germany now and at one time Germany was one the strongest proponents of wind power.

Enoch zu Guttenberg, one of Germany’s most prolific environmentalists, has become an outspoken critic of wind energy in Germany and believes children in the future will be able to see

Germany’s idyllic landscape only in paintings as developers clear hill-top forests to make way for skyscraper-size industrial wind turbines. Speeches that Guttenberg has made against wind turbines are attracting ever larger crowds.  When he first started 60 or 70 would come, now there are more than 1000.

One of the documents that I received was a study on the extreme problems that the Brindley family suffered for years after the installation of the Kingsbridge 1 Wind farm. The farm is owned by Epcor, the company that owns the Capital Power wind farm at Halkirk.

There seemed to be two problems. One was from the white noise created by the blades turning and the other by stray electricity. The turbine was located 43 metres from their house and barn.

The family and their farm animals suffered numerous health problems. Family members suffered headaches, bloody noises, lack of concentration, lack of sleep and numerous other problems. The cattle also suffered numerous problems like nervousness, foaming at the mouth, some of them aborted their calves and calves that were born that were born alive were lethargic.

To put it mildly the situation was a horrific mess.

From the information that I have received, leaseholders could be responsible for billions of dollars of mortgages that have been registered against 100 leaseholder properties by K2 Wind.  This would effectively take control of the land away from the landowner.

It gets worse. The wind farm contractors have placed $32 million of construction liens against their property in many cases without the farmers knowledge, so the farmers end up as defendants until the contractors have been paid. This is happening under Ontario law. Our laws may be a bit different but don’t bet on it!

On April 14 the Notley NDP Government presented its 2016 budget.  In that budget is their “Climate Leadership Plan.”

It would appear to me that this government plans to do the same thing to rural Alberta that the Ontario government did and is doing to rural Ontario.

They will try to force large wind farms and solar farms on us to achieve their goal of shutting down the coal-fired generators and substituting that energy with “renewable energy.” If they get away with this ill-conceived plan it will totally change the face of rural Alberta. The ambient view of much of Alberta is already changing. In many places you can no longer enjoy the scenery due to the obstruction of the wind generators.

Is this really what Albertan’s want to see when they travel across the province? I think not.  I cannot understand why environmentalists would think that this is environmentally friendly.

The NDP’s proposed carbon tax and their push for renewable energy will be a financial and environmental disaster when it is implemented. As I have written in previous columns reducing CO2 will not change the climate. Increasing CO2 would enhance plant growth and that WOULD be good for the environment.

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