Nothing “virtuous” about an empty refrigerator

Dear Editor,

The Trudeau Socialist virtue signalling continues with the rolling out of a five thousand buck subsidy for the purchase of an electric car.

This move ignores the reality that there could never be enough electricity available to power a nationalized fleet of these vehicles anyway.

People’s homes would be forced into unheated darkness and food supplies would go the way of the last days in the old Soviet Union, long before even an appreciable fraction of Canada’s vehicles could be electric.

Agricultural tractors and equipment could never derive enough electrical battery power to operate in the fields.

Only diesel fuel can generate the necessary horsepower to perform agricultural work or transport food and products.

It takes a lot of environmental extremist logic to scrap the modern highly efficient internal combustion engine and saddle already struggling families with the consequences.

How much more of Trudeau’s virtue signalling can Canadians possibly?

Along with his deliberate intent to vilify and eventually choke out the Alberta and Saskatchewan petroleum industry in the name of environmentalism, Trudeau is setting this country on an irreversible path of great regret.

He believes any possible consequences are worth it as long as Quebec’s hydroelectric industry is the chief benefactor.

I do not expect a privileged trust fund millionaire like Trudeau, or a CBC glorified welfare recipient-fruit fly specialist like David Suzuki to go out and actually acquire some education in thermodynamics, but would strongly suggest that voters at least think clearly about who they choose to follow.

Do you believe Trudeau is about to actually “walk the walk”?

Not a chance!

He will continue to “talk his talk” while the little people suffer and pay.

This shallow-minded, arrogant, egomaniac believes the world is going to follow his example.

Even if Canadians do choose to follow him again, I think the world has pretty much clued in about Canada’s national clown.

There is nothing “virtuous” about an empty refrigerator with no power for it to function anyhow.


Lee Hudson

Calgary, Alta.

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