Not logical Captain!

Dear Editor,

I am saddened to see the continuation and propagation of wind generation projects across this province and around the world. 

Equally concerning is the growing pervading belief that electric vehicles are going to be the answer for travel moving into the future. In reality neither of these systems will ever be the answer to anything, in my opinion. 

It’s tragic that governments and other powers that be, remain blind to reality or at the least choose to remain so. If all this was truly about saving the environment then wind generation and electric vehicles wouldn’t be happening. 

I believe it is more about moving into a post-modern era of globalization and authoritarianism, which will be characterized by hunger, deprivation, human suffering and shortening of lifespans. 

Energy, or lack thereof, is at the very foundation of all existence including production of necessary commodities, manufacturing, food production and transport, shelter construction and the warming and sustainability of it.

Wind generation, so called renewable energy, is not renewable in any way whatsoever. The metal parts of a generator cannot be manufactured by wind power. 

In addition anything that rolls, spins, reciprocates, or transfers torque, requires lubrication and that includes wind turbines. 

The considerable quantities of hydraulic fluid, gear oil and grease which wind generation systems require and which must be scheduled for periodic replacement will not come from the ‘oil fairy’. They must come from a parallel petroleum energy industry. 

Yes, that industry which our fearless leader, Justin Castro… oops, I mean Justin Trudeau, supposes to dismantle; the same oil industry which was the argument for the ushering in of wind turbines in the first place. 

To quote Spock, “This is not logical Captain”. 

Similarly illogical is the trading of lives of a handful of ducks (not an endangered species) lost in tailing’s ponds, for the lives of several bird species which are already endangered, eg. the Bald Eagle. Part of a long list of beautiful creatures being whacked out of the sky, leaving their offspring to die in the nest. 

Who will “renew” them when they are all gone?

And all of this just to please a bunch of activists who zip-tie themselves to pipeline worksite gates, not so much for the cause of saving the environment as for the intention of destroying capitalism and ultimately freedom and democracy.

We are jumping off the Titanic with no lifeboats below.

 In regard to energy, there is nothing new under the Sun nor will there ever be, literally. All of the energy forms and transformations have been long since identified, including the Sun itself. 

The consequences of scrapping the energy derivatives which enabled humans to civilize and to form a workable infrastructure, cannot be “innovated” away by attempting to operate outside the rigid boundaries of known physics and thermodynamics.

We’d better hope that climate change and global warming are real, whether caused by mankind or by a natural progression of the Earth’s Interglacial Period. (It is not God who caused global warming but it may require an act of God to halt the direction in which we are heading). 

If global warming is not reality, there will be many souls in the latitudes tragically destined to perish from hunger and exposure, in darkness. 

If we don’t turn this thing around, it is a thermodynamic certainty.


Lee Hudson

Calgary/Paintearth County

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