Not in my books!

Dear Editor,

I believe the author of “Stop worrying about Trump, pg. 2, Aug. 8 issue, must see the world through “rosecoloured glasses”.


According to him, Trump is the greatest leader in the world. Amazing statement!

Since Trump has been in office, the US national debt has increased by over $2 trillion dollars, and that debt stands at over $33 trillion dollars.

So much for a man who claimed he would “drain the swamp” and balance the budget.

What Trump excels in is bankruptcies (has had at least four), lying (Trump University), creating scandals (more than Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, or Richard Nixon), cheating (on his previous two wives and possibly on his taxes), a draft dodger (five times during the Vietnam War).

He also excels in cozying up to the most vicious tyrants in the world (North Korea, Russia, and Saudi Arabia), for causing division within American society (worse than Richard Nixon), and for causing trade wars with numerous countries.

Consequently, Americans are having to pay more for good and services, and now American farmers/ranchers can’t sell their grain, pork and beef to China.

Yup! A great man, eh?

Not in my books!


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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