NorQuest College to launch Health Care Aide Program in Forestburg and Castor

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NorQuest College is set to launch its Health Care Aide program in Forestburg and Castor this fall, as announced during the May 18 regular council meeting by Mayor Blaise Young.

Young told council members that NorQuest College will be ready to go in October for their first class.

The Health Care Aide program would train the students to provide basic health services, assistance and support with daily living activities for clients who have medical conditions or functional limitations under the supervision of a health professional.

According to the NorQuest College website, the students would be trained to work in continuing care institutions, home care agencies, group homes, assisted living facilities, home care and long-term care.

According to Young, the program will be located in Forestburg but due to not having a hospital some of the practicum work will be done in Castor.

“They’re looking at putting together the cohort of students regionally, so they really want to kind of focus in this area,” said Dwight Dibben, the chief administrative officer. “They want to be able to take them [the students] into the hospital setting.”

In the meeting, Young attended he said the Dean, Jennifer Mah, said there are other programs that they could run in the future.

The program costs approximately $7,500 however there is a bursary program that would provide $9,000. The only requirement is that once completing the program you would have to start working within six months.

“I did mention it to other people in other groups and other meetings and they’re just blown away by the fact that we really could end up with something in Flagstaff County that would start filling those voids,” Young said.

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