Norfolk Avenue and intersection needs attention

Town of Coronation Councillors,

I am writing this regarding the corner of Norfolk and Royal in Coronation, Ab. and Norfolk Ave. itself.
This corner and street has many issues which need to be addressed by not only you on council but by law enforcement as well. I will try to explain, as best as I can, the issues and maybe you will take my suggestions into consideration as how to fix the problem.

The Corner.
With the library, pool, playground and ball diamonds along Royal Street and the school, skating and curling rink along Norfolk there is a high amount of traffic at this corner.
There are people that exceed the speed limits coming north and south. Not just young drivers. There are numerous people that are exceeding the limit of 40 km/hr going through.
There is a playground sign but with no posted speed limit attached to it. It is just a cautionary sign that children may be present.
See attached info taken from the Alberta Transportation website or this is the link to view it yourself,
There is a 30 km sign down by the ball diamonds but that does nothing for the library/pool area.
My suggestion is to place a sign down from the library stating playground ahead with a lower speed of 30 km/hr sign attached.
I also suggest making this corner a 4-way stop. This will also help in making them slow down.
Many people already stop at an imaginary stop sign, thinking it is one. This in itself is dangerous. I know this will mean five 4-way stop signs in a row but I would rather stop and slow down than have a child hurt. I would hope you feel the same.

The Avenue.
Norfolk Avenue is one of the streets, on the north side of town, that goes from one side of town to the other, excluding the trailer court.
Other streets are separated by ball diamonds, skating rink and school.
Although, Norfolk on the east, has a 4-way stop at the school, it also has a school zone.
There is a stop sign at the entrance onto Royal St. but after that it is free from any stop or yield signs along the way. This is where the larger problem starts.
I have witnessed many people sliding up to the stop sign, barely able to slow down much less stop at the sign before proceeding through. With it being such a long strip of free driving, numerous vehicles have sailed through the stop sign.
If they had to yield at some point along this street, they might have been paying attention. Many people that live along this street have these same issues with the speeders.
I suggest adding some yield signs to Norfolk Avenue. The stretch is just too long of free driving from the hospital to Royal Street.
As it is getting closer to summer vacation for many of these children, there will be more of them, at all times of the day, on this street as there is now.
I also would like to request a reply letter to my concerns and suggestions as outlined in this letter, in a timely manner.
I will also be sending a copy of this letter to the newspaper with the hopes to get more public discussion about this street.
Thank you for your time.
Annette Allen
Coronation, Ab.

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