None so blind

Dear Editor,

So you really believe that your “want to think” is true?

And that pretty much all of the scientists have been lying to you

About ten thousand of them, both women and men

From most all the nations lying, again and again, seemingly without end

All individually and magically deciding on the same untrue point of view

But really the climate is not changing and it’s not being caused by you

So you connect unconnected dots to believe, that your thinking is conceivable

And that your “group” is not the group making up the unbelievable

However, for this conspiracy to be worldwide and actually true

Would there not be some evidence of them conspiring to lie to you?

You know you’d have to get them all to turn off their brains

And have their fact-finding training flushed down the drains

How easy do you think it is to get a university science degree?

These are smart educated people that use science to see

They are trained to follow fact and trained, to not overreact

No one got them to lie, I bet a lot of them would rather die

And they did discover that mankind “without doubt” is to blame

The cure is for us to accept the truth and change the rules of the game

People fighting the facts is wasteful and such a shame

If we do not act, our grandkids will wonder why we didn’t use our brain.


Lenard Calon

Heisler, Ab.

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