Nomination papers fee set at $100

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures 10 kilowatt Solar PV system in Morrin Alberta at the water plant installed by Goose Creek Renewable Energy.
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Morrin council met behind locked doors prior to their Wed. Aug. 16 meeting.
Office doors were unlocked for the public at 6:55 p.m. and Mayor Lacher called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.
In the first minute of the meeting, the agenda, minutes of the last meeting, the monthly financial report and the accounts payable were all motioned for acceptance by Deputy Mayor David MacLean.
Bylaw 355 stating the cash deposit for council nominations for the municipal elections in October 2017 will be $100 and available from Returning Officer, CAO Annette Plachner.
Council approved the request from Western Financial Group for renovations for a refresh, mostly inside but some outside, including removing the old planters in front of their building and incorporating something more interactive for the community, such as a bench and hop-scotch.
A letter from Joyce Webster, publisher of the ECA Review, was received for information by council with no comment.
The letter requested an apology as the reporter was removed from council chambers although she was not contravening policy or bylaws for receiving a text message.
Also, the letter stated that the ECA reporter was misled by her and others in attendance in prior meetings receiving calls/text messages, during their meetings with no reaction from council members.
Following the meeting, resident, John Siemens queried as to why his two letters to council were not on the agenda.
“I didn’t know you wanted it to be in front of council,” said CAO Plachner.
Siemens responded that the letters were addressed to council.
Plachner responded by saying “I didn’t look at that.”
Siemens was granted his request to make a presentation to council in September.
Siemens letters included the denial by CAO Plachner of an opportunity to present in front of council, as two previous opportunities had to be cancelled due to medical appointments and a denial for copies of the monthly financial report that is tabled at every meeting.
If a report is presented during a municipal meeting, according to the Municipal Affairs Act, it makes the report public.
There were no council concerns raised, and in the council reports, Deputy Mayor MacLean had nothing to report.
Mayor Lacher reported she had met with the Staff Sergeant of the Drumheller RCMP but that was confidential and added she had also met with Starland County but no report was forthcoming.
Council went into a closed session (in-camera) at 7:12 p.m. for a matter that was listed as ‘legal’ on the agenda and resumed the meeting in time for an adjourning motion at 7:30 p.m.

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