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Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Russell Schnell holds a 70 million-year-old fossil, one that he found along the Castor Creek.
There are only three places in the world this type of fossil has been found. ECA Review/Submitted

Through the lens of an environmental scientist Hughenden Public School (HPS) was privileged to have honoured guest, Dr. Russell Schnell, a nobel prize winner, give a presentation on Wed. Sept. 18.

Getting to experience authentic learning through the lens of an environmental scientist presented the opportunity for rich learning.

This presentation was attended by the Vidcon chemistry class made up of students from Innisfree, Dewberry and Hughenden; as well as Grade 10 and 12 HPS students.

The diagram shows the fossil to be worm poop. ECA Review/Submitted

Dr. Schnell delivered an incredibly interesting presentation on climate change with an intriguing title: “The air we breathe: ain’t what it used to be”.

Dr. Schnell is the deputy director of the Global Monitoring Division of NOAA – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Students demonstrated high engagement with the content of the presentation.

It was great to learn that Dr. Schnell himself is from rural Alberta as he is from Castor.


by Susan Reynolds

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