No tax break

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County of Stettler councillors, at their regular meeting on July 3, 2013 said “no” to a request by the Court Appointed Trustee for Pheasantback Golf and Country Club Ltd. for a reduction or discount in the amount of property taxes owed.
The request was made because the offer to purchase was lower than anticipated which would result in a significant shortfall to priority creditors. The total amount outstanding is $83,981 which represents a significant amount of revenue for the County of Stettler.
Water connections
Approval was given to offer a water connection to those ratepayers, within one mile, who have expressed interest in connecting to the County of Stettler Rural Water Distribution system off the SMRWSC Regional water line (Stettler to Donalda and Stettler to Big Valley). This offer would include Willow Glenn and Red Willow residents.
South shore
The County of Stettler passed a motion to approve the Buffalo Lake South Shore Inter-municipal Development Plan. The Summer Villages of White Sands and Rochon Sands must also approve the Plan.  Once approved, any new multi-lot residential, recreational or commercial unit development application in the South Shore Growth Node Plan area will require a plan addressing proposed land uses; distribution of the overall development density; transportation improvements; water, wastewater and storm water management requirements; recreation/open space; and strategies for protecting water bodies and wildlife habitat.
Erskine reservoir
Another step forward was taken when County councillors passed a motion to approve the design for the Erskine reservoir.

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