No such thing as a small dream

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Well, the 2016 Olympics are over and I think we can all be pretty darn proud of our Canadian team.

They brought home 22 medals, four gold, three silver and 15 bronze and altogether they placed in the top five 43 times.

They made the rest of the world sit up and take notice of what Canada can do.

As with all Olympics there were many stories to be seen and heard.  One of the stories was about our Andre DeGrasse and Usain Bolt.

This was about the friendship that developed between a newcomer and a seasoned champion and I really enjoyed seeing it.

Andre ended up getting three medals and being the first Canadian sprinter to medal in three events which is something to be proud of for sure.

Another part of his story that got my attention was the fact that his mother is a single parent.

I feel nothing but admiration for this woman. Just thinking of the amount of work and support that is needed to get to the Olympics is overwhelming even for someone with large families to help them. A single mother is just that, single, but somehow she worked and helped him get where he dreamed of being. That is one mother and son duo that can be proud of each other.

Penny Oleksiak is another story that got my full admiration. Penny won four medals, one of them gold, and won the hearts of Canadians across the country.

The thing that is so amazing to me is that she is only 16 years old.  Any 16 year old that has the determination and work ethic that it takes to get anywhere near the Olympics gets my whole-hearted respect.  When I think of the hours and hours of swimming she had to have done all through her childhood I am just stunned.

When I was 16 my biggest goal was to get the newest Beatles album.

I think we all realize the kind of Olympic-sized effort that is needed to reach an Olympic goal, and we all respect our athletes for giving that effort. We take it for granted that anyone who has a big dream knows that they will have to give it their all to reach it.  I think we sometimes forget that a small dream can take just as much work and we are disappointed when our small efforts don’t get us the dream.

Maybe what we don’t realize is that there is no such thing as a small dream. What is small to one can be huge to another, and all dreams need to have Olympic-sized efforts given them before they can come true.

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