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Dear Editor,

With respect to the article titled, ‘Town looking at installing LED lights for Rec Centre,’ in the Nov. 19 issue, pg. 5, I felt that the paper had proved to be misleading when stating council’s reaction to the quotes provided by the two participating companies.

Although Thornton Electric did come in higher, the quote was not quoted for the current request, and the pertinent information was not available to their company at the time.

As a result, their quote was sufficiently overbid as they were not given the appropriate information.

The quote received by Dark Knight Electric was also perceived as too low, and that the equipment used was not of great quality was also inaccurate.

As the mayor, I have been open about the need to compare products to ensure they are of the same caliber but did not intend to suggest that the two products’ quality was either more superior than the other or inferior.

The Town of Coronation staff and the town council wish to mitigate confusion and issues moving forward.

The town council, at the last meeting of council, deliberated and requested that the administration provide council with an updated Procurement Procedure Policy and a new online solicitation platform.

With the updated procurement policy and soliciting for services platform, the town council hopes that the submitting businesses are provided with all the relevant information for each project, that the process is fair across the board, and that the process is transparent and trustworthy at all times.

As the mayor, I’d like to ensure all businesses located in Coronation that we had no intention to damage any company and, more specifically, I’d like to apologize to Thornton Electric and Dark Knight Electric for any damage caused by the article released, and by any statements made.

The Town of Coronation staff and the town council hopes to continue building on our strong relationships and continue working with Thornton Electric and Dark Knight Electric.

Again, the town council and the Town of Coronation staff wish to apologize for any misinformation and damage caused by the article released.


Mayor Ron Checkel,

Town of Coronation

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