No increase to county millrate

Paintearth county council

A Proposed/Draft Bylaw to authorize the rates of taxation to be levied against assessable property within the County of Paintearth for the 2016 taxation year with no increase to the millrate was given the required readings and third reading was carried unanimously.

Wind farm update

During their last regular meeting on Tues., May 3 Coun. Blumhagen abstained from discussion and departed the meeting while Country of Paintearth dealt with the wind farm and land use by law.

According to meeting notes  Paintearth council received a copy of Schedule A for Bylaw 463-16, which is now condensed into the material solely from the Land Use bylaw hearing and has recommendations for the various setbacks as per previous review and discussion, and also reflecting solar workshop information which occurred the day after the hearing.

Since the hearing, Paintearth County has received a number of written submissions and some minor changes were affected by information at the solar workshop.

Coun. Dahmer moved that an additional public hearing be held at on June 7 to receive new supplemental information on the Land Use bylaw 463-16.

Phase one water line debenture to be paid off

Darrin Newell, WSP updated council on the rural water strategy that was compiled for the county.
Newell advised council that the Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission (SMRWSC) does not recommend any hot tapping into the water line.

There are eleven “T” connections located along the line that can be used for tie-ins to the water line and these have not been considered in the rural plan.

The Coronation reservoir was designed with the intent to eventually feed Brownfield as the reservoirs were meant to serve the rural areas.

Some funding from the Building Canada Grant was used to assist the county in getting water to Circle Square Ranch however the funding that was available was given out for existing infrastructure and not for new water lines.

Council will be provided with a copy of the rural water strategy plan as presented for review and discussion at a later date.

This baseline model can be utilized by staff to use with interested parties to determine water hook-ups.
Coun. Dahmer also moved the County of Paintearth pay off the extra portion of phase one debenture of $80,000 from water restricted surplus due to the withdrawal of two members to the SMRWSC.


Bryce Cooke, Director of Public Works  reported to council that council purchase a new 420F2 backhoe from Finning Ltd. for $154,280 which will be used for loading clay at gravel pits but mainly during the winter for  brushing and burning crews.

The older unit will be kept for an additional winter brushing crew.

Council also approved the purchase of a new Freightliner 114SD cab and chassis for $135,000 to replace the 1998 Mack water truck unit #9030.

The tank would be removed from Unit #9030 and placed on the new chassis for $32,000.

The tank is only three years old and was purchased with a liner to protect it from handling calcium.

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