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Dear Editor,
This is the latest word in “professionally designed sound barrier/fences. This “thing” consists of two layers of approximately 7/16 inch thick plywood on a approximately 11/2 inch square tubing frame.

One must admit, it is slightly more visually appealing than the last effort, but as a sound barrier, there is little difference. The only thing this “thing” is capable of stopping may be wind. That may be a good thing, not sure, there has been a lot of “wind” in Heisler, Ab. of late.

This junk is not a professionally designed sound barrier in any way.

I submitted an appeal to the development appeal board, regarding the permit issued to this business. The result was to be “binding on all parties”. The ruling was, it is acceptable to operate this business under the amended land use bylaw, subject to the landowner/operator providing a “professionally  designed” sound barrier at the rear and partial side of his property.

I accept the fact that this ruling is binding and not subject to appeal.

Apparently the village and the property owner are not willing to accept this ruling, and to date the acceptable barrier has not been provided.

Now I am the appellant,  who is bound by the boards decision, why then are the other parties exempt?

I have requested a refund of the fee I paid for the appeal on grounds the ruling is not being complied with.  I am asking nothing more than what was required by the Development Appeal Board.

Several ‘deadlines’ have come and gone, yet we are still at square one on the issue. There should be no hesitation on the administration’s part to enforce the requirements of the board but that has not been done. More time is given, deadlines are not met but the charade continues.

I hope none of your readers ever encounter this kind of problem in your community, because I can assure you, there is no help available to you.

The province washes their hands of the issue, the Municipal Government Act has no legal backing, so in effect, the average citizen has no protection from corrupt governance.
All the rules and regulations are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Yours in frustration,
Lorne Ingrey,
Heisler, Ab.

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