No fossil fuels burned in Canada by 2050

Dear Editor,

While I was banding fertilizer, picking rocks and seeding our crop, I was listening to a CBC interview with Green Party leader, Elizabeth May on the growing green movement across the country.

She was saying recently elected conservative governments across Canada just don’t know how to read and understand the climate change scientist’s data and absolute urgency of the crisis climate change is posing.

Of course, she used the much-used phrase, “the end of human king”, as a result if immediate action is not taken in Canada. Canada must stop using fossil fuels by 2050.

Cars and homes will be supplied by renewable energy and all buildings in the country will be rebuilt to extreme conservation of heat and cold standards.

This will generate huge amounts of construction opportunities.

Just one problem, I see. Who will pay for this with no carbon tax to collect?

The alarming and extremely dangerous outcome at this proposal is the fact that all world food production and distribution is almost entirely reliant on fossil fuels.

If by some means, green government was elected and these policies implemented, I am certain Canadians would freeze in the dark with their store shelves empty.

A great example of this type of mismanagement is Venezuela where this scenario is being played out as you read this.

People like Elizabeth May either are very short-sighted or very naive as to how the world functions. These people are very dangerous, to quote her, “ending humankind”, due to disastrous policies and unrealistic goals.

I think everyone is informed enough to realize “Canada contributes less than two per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions.

Canada’s emissions for a day are equal to China’s emissions in 23 minutes.

I think we have to explore these very dangerous people’s true motives.

I think most of us well take our chances with an ever-changing climate than disastrous policies created by unrealistic politicians.

As I always say genius and stupidity are similar but genius has limits.


Walter Suntjens

Farmer, rancher, businessman

Hanna, Alta.

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