No coverage in Coronation

Dear Publisher,
I am from Coronation, Ab. I am very proud call Coronation my home town.
Once upon a time Coronation had a local paper, that was called The Coronation Review. The Coronation Review covered all things local such as local events, what the junior sports team scores were and, even the court report.
Sadly, as time evolved, the Coronation Review was dissolved and it became known as the East Central Alberta (ECA) Review.
The ECA Review has become a paper that absolutely has no coverage of Coronation. In fact, the most recent edition has a front page picture of the Remembrance day ceremony in Castor, Ab. When as a matter of fact, there was a wonderful Remembrance Day Ceremony held at the Coronation Community Center.
As a very loyal reader of the ECA Review, it is always my hope that the ECA Review would return to it’s heritage and resume covering local stories as they relate to Coronation.
At present the ECA Review has become a paper that is not worth the paper it is written on.
Daryl Perry
Coronation, Ab

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