“No Carbon Tax” rally

Coal, cows, gas and oil is what Hanna supports was seen and heard at the “No Carbon Tax” rally in Hanna on Sat. Nov. 5, one of 12 rallies being held concurrently across Alberta.  Approx. 375 people heard information from speakers Randy Pompetti and George Clark and a report from Mayor Chris Warwick on their endeavours in seeking answers from Alberta’s NDP government.
“We live here because we want to,” said Warwick. “We produce their food, we collect their oil and gas and we generate their power.  It’s going to be very cold, very dark and very hungry” if we are prevented from doing just that.  Hanna is destined to lose 220 jobs when the NDP goernment shuts down the Sheerness coal-generating power plant. ECA Review/J. Webster

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