No amount of emissions compliance will meet approval

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Dear Editor,

The playbook is pretty straightforward. First, use your media influence to create as much fear and panic among the commoners with regard to the environment as you possibly can. Even get the ‘climate cult alarmists’ to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Then fleece the taxpayers for every dime you can gouge out of them to finance and subsidize a parallel electrical energy industry (which actually produces more emissions world-wide than the petroleum industry ever did).

An industry which stretches from, the Congolese children who poison themselves collecting little chunks of lithium for export, to the coal-manufactured, bird-whacking wind turbines and environmentally-unfriendly lithium-ion batteries China smugly pedals to us—to the road-destroying electric vehicles (EV’s) themselves.

Design administration of said scheme to accommodate a well-entrenched government bureaucracy for oversight and to sign off on all necessary requirements here at home.
Then siphon off a generous cut of the development spoils to line the pockets of the “chief promoters”.

And finally, try to destroy the legitimate energy industry, in order to create a total dependence upon the illegitimate one.

Could somebody please tell me just exactly how much Trudeau’s net worth has increased since the beginning of his tenure as prime minister and those close cohorts who surround him?

I’ve got a hunch it amounts to a heck of a lot more than the sum of his cumulative annual government salary-income minus expenses. Prove me wrong.

Maybe if there still existed such a thing as genuine investigative journalism in this country we could know the correct answer to the question or did that cease to exist once “federal assistance” for the news media industry kicked in?

Reckon I’d bet dollars to donuts it would pencil out that Trudeau is the costliest Stampede pancake flipper the world has ever known!

Since I do not see a lot of hope in stopping the mass delusion anymore, I can only say that I’m at least thankful that Danielle Smith was able to beat off the well-orchestrated leftist attempt to prevent her from becoming Alberta’s premier.

Presently she is the only remaining obstacle to Trudeau achieving his father’s lifelong dream of destroying Alberta’s economic power and ultimately monopolizing Central Canada’s, and particularly Quebec’s, control of the economic center of gravity in Canada.

In light of the latest ‘not-so-veiled’ threats coming from Trudeau’s rabid anti-Alberta, “Environment and Climate Change” Minister, Steven Guilbeault, to severely curtail Alberta’s oilsands production unless the Liberal’s ridiculously unreasonable emissions targets are met.

I believe that no amount of compliance with Ottawa’s demands will ever meet with their approval anyway.

Alberta is already the leader in emissions control and reductions, in addition to having the most ethically produced petroleum in the world. But it’s really not about the environment or ethics for that matter. If it was, they would be just as concerned about Central Canada’s industrial-based fossil fuels consumption as they are about Alberta’s production, and would be placing debilitating restrictions upon them as well, wouldn’t they?

You’ll never see that happen in Trudeau’s backyard. As stated, the real agenda is simply to destroy Alberta’s economic aspirations.

To Premier Smith I say, stick to your guns, never cave. Never allow yourself to be intimidated by a narcissistic neo-napoleon or his Ottawa ilk.

Thank you Danielle for sticking up for us, and the many hard-working Albertans whose families depend upon their job in the petroleum industry.

Lee Hudson Calgary/Paintearth County 

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