No accountability

Dear Editor,
Just a short note to update you on my attempt to approach the Morrin Village council for a ‘face-to-face’ discussion of my concerns.
I have communicated to Alberta Municipal Affairs the details of the conduct of the Morrin Village CAO regarding her concerted effort, using misleading, obstructionist and threatening tactics, to prevent my rightful access for a dialogue with Village council.
In conversation with a bureaucratic contact, I was told there was no accounting for persons who could not act in an ‘adult’ manner.
It was suggested I run for council in the upcoming election to be held in the fall.  No comment forthcoming in any way to suggest that there should be any consequences for the person at the root of the problem.
It is not surprising with the attitude at this level that if there are persons at the local level, if so inclined, can act in this manner.
A follow-up letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs gave the website address that I could find the ‘Handbook for Petitioners’!
I could make many more comments but will end at this time and keep them to myself.
Respectfully submitted,
Howard Helton
Morrin, Ab.

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