New Youngstown Memories history book off the presses

For many years it had been realized that the Youngstown community needed to compile a Volume 2 to supplement the fine Youngstown Memories Across the Years, published in 1983.
There was not time to do so before the 2013 Centennial celebrations, but from the profit of the Centennial, several thousand dollars was set aside to serve as ‘seed’ for the production of a new book.
A committee was formed in 2015 and Friesens Press was engaged to help in the completion of the new edition, this time with coloured pictures.
Numerous present and former residents were contacted including brochures to each family that had registered for Centennial.
After several extensions to the deadline for submissions, it was eventually seen that there was plenty of material, and the big task of organizing it all began in earnest.
At last, in February 2017, it was all typed, photo-keyed and organized, ready to be sent by way of Friesens representative Jim Beckel, to the designer Fraser Seeley of Calgary.
Several months of proofreading and adjustment followed, until by the beginning of June, the completed layout was sent to the Winnipeg plant, where printing and binding took place.
The beautiful blue and silver books were received at Youngstown September 11 and a book launch was held on Sun. Sept. 17 in the hall in Youngstown, beginning with a lunch at noon, followed by a short program and the auction of the first two special embossed copies by auctioneer, Dave Shields.
The first item auctioned was a 3-volume set made up of new copies of the three history books compiled for Youngstown- a 1962 paperback booklet, ‘Youngstown and District Pioneers’, made by the Women’s Institute as a project for the 50th anniversary of WI in Alberta, the burgundy 1983 volume, and the 1st copy of Volume 2, 2017.
The winning bidder was Brian Kreiser. The specially-embossed 2nd copy was purchased by Merle Blair.
The new 684-page book includes 19 chapters, with over 300 family histories making up the bulk of the content.
Some notable chapters are celebrations, community histories, post offices, business, country and village schools, activities, Youngstown Ag School/Home, and Special Areas.
There are also updated cemetery lists and maps, and sections on memories, churches, disasters, and the armed forces.
On the front cover is the Youngstown Centennial 2013 logo, with the old barn from the past and the meadowlark as a symbol of the hope of the future.
It also has an old wheel, seen as a symbol of all those who made the new book ‘roll along’.
The rim represents all people who took time to send submissions for their communities, businesses, and families.
The spokes of the wheel were a number of people who helped by typing, editing, researching, composing, and completing assignments.
And the all-important hub of the wheel was the small group of individuals who took the material and worked diligently to organize, type, proof-read, and so on to bring the project to a completion.
The committee would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make Volume 2 of the Youngstown History book.

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