New tabernacle opens in Three Hills

Prairie Tabernacle congregation in Three Hills is settling into its new home following the Sun. Jan. 12 ribbon cutting. Assisting with the ribbon cutting, from the left, church board member, John Ibbotson, building foreman, Andrew Davison, lead carpenter, Scott Jardine and congregation member, Wes Davidson. The structure cost more than three million dollars. ECA Review/D. Nadeau

For more than six decades, Prairie Tabernacle congregation in Three Hills, Alta. has lived in rented quarters.

That changed January 12 when the denominational church cut the ribbon on its first facility located on Highway 583 in Three Hills.

The structure cost more than three million dollars.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Sun. Jan. 12 and included a history review and greetings from long-time Tabernacle Pastor Ted Rendall.

In saluting the amount and quality of volunteer effort that went into the project, Andrew Davison, the building foreman, said many contractors told him that constructing the building was the best job they had ever worked on and attributed it to the volunteers.


David Nadeau

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