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Coronation town council had their first official meet and greet with new Sgt. Jason Smith at their regular meeting held on Mon. March 25.

Sgt. Smith came to Coronation with extensive experience in a number of areas, serving in Drumheller, Hobbema and Maythorpe detachments.

He is also currently overseeing the Consort detachment until a replacement arrives in May.

Sgt. Smith approached council to hear any concerns they might have and spoke about his commitment to tackling elderly fraud within the community.

Council suggested more RCMP presence in and around the school and recreation facilities would be an area of interest.

Coronation Library

The annual Coronation library report was delivered by Chelsey Peacock, the new manager as of the end of July 2018.

The library has seen a growth in membership by 92 card holders since 2016, as well as a 63 per cent increase in library use, 26 per cent website interaction and 11 per cent increase in library materials accessed.

An addition of 32 more programs in 2018, such as the mobile library, summer reading program, crafts and movie nights has been well received by the public.

Fundraising saw an additional $3,606 and donations made $5,681 available for program use and development.

As well, 634 new books and materials were purchased with a focus on tween and teen interaction.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk reviewed the 2018/2019 library budget and found all to be in order.

Coun. Jackie Brigley brought up some concerns regarding the community standards bylaws for Coronation.

One of the issues being discussed is the allotment of two derelict vehicle enforcement issues.

Keeping the town clean and preserving land values is an ongoing concern and more discussion is expected to be brought back up at the next meeting to address the matter.

Free system

George Glazier attended the council meeting to make a presentation on the Alberta Tourism Information System (ATIS) to encourage more use of the system as it is free and would benefit the town’s tourism sector.

It was discussed that more events rather than just the rodeo and fair should be added on a regular basis to help make tourists and other communities aware of what is happening in Coronation year round, including the library programs and other local events.

Aerial photo

A new aerial photo showcasing town growth was discussed as the last one was completed in 2013. Council decided to wait until 2020 for a new image.

Summer labour was also on the agenda, specifically the need for a third position.

The Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) covers up to $4,000 worth of wages currently for two summer student positions to help maintain parks, walking trails and street fronts.

Council agreed to hire a third student to meet the town’s needs in this area at the cost of approximately $7,000.

The water pooling issue at Thornton Park was another concern addressed with possible solutions to the problem to be brought back to the next meeting.


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