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After 18 years with Clearview Public Schools, principal of the Erskine School, Deb Spiller announced her retirement.
Drew Neilson was appointed by Clearview Public Schools as the new principal.
Mr. Peter Barron, Superintendent, comments, “We believe Drew’s passion for leadership, teaching, and extensive experience will make the transition a smooth one, said Peter Barron, Superintendent of Clearview Schools. “We are always striving for a First Choice Learning Environment and believe Drew will be a good fit for Erskine School, the community of Erskine and Clearview Public Schools.”
Neilson graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Education and holds a Master’s degree from Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been an administrator for 10 years and a teacher for 15 years before that.
Drew has been married to Cori for 28 years and they have four sons and one grandson.
Professionally, Drew is a strong advocate for a Seven Habits (Covey) student leadership framework.
He believes that while every child is unique, each has the capacity to lead out in meaningful ways. Drew strongly believes that we can achieve success for all students and that learning growth should exist in both the academic and prosocial domains; that each student should be taught the skills to succeed as well as the character traits that will help them apply those skills to make their lives, and the world, a better place.
He looks forward to joining the school and community of Erskine, and is committed to carrying on the legacy of success built by the strong school community of Erskine.
“My wife, Cori, and I are excited to be moving to Erskine,” said Neilson, “as I help to lead the excellent learning and growth currently provided for the students there.
“I am impressed and inspired by the great team I will be joining at Erskine School and am looking forward to meeting and working with parents in seeing success for all of our students.
“Success that will be meaningful, empowering and enduring.”

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