New message, old story

Submitted by Rev. Barbara Zimmerman
Knox United Church

It is good to pay attention to the characters in story of the birth of Christ. If we pay attention to Mary, we can learn about willingness and the grace found in allowing God to work through us.

We can learn quiet patience and acceptance in the face of an unfolding story that may take us down unknown paths of life’s journey.  And we can find encouragement to take on a journey in faith and trust.

If we look at Joseph, we can learn integrity, trustworthiness, and an openness to the unfolding of revelations.  We can learn how to act quickly and decisively in response to God’s leading.

From the angels we learn ecstatic joy and unrestrained praise!

If we watch the shepherds, we will learn of coping with hard work in a demanding life but with an eye cast to the heavens and an ear attuned to surprising and marvelous messages; and we may learn to go where we feel compelled to go, unafraid to see for ourselves what marvelous sights God may reveal.

If we study those who studied the stars, the ones we call “wise men”, we just might learn to see the subtle signs, and gain a sense of a direction, revealed to us by God.

No matter how many Christmases you have experienced, no matter how often you’ve heard the old, old story in your life, I invite you to listen to it again this year.  There may be a new message after all!

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