New library board member appointed

Written by Daniel Gonzalez

Deb Lunty was appointed as the new member to the Municipal Library Board at the July 14 council meeting.

Sarah Tonowski, manager of the library sent a letter to council informing that Lunty has been appointed for a term of three years which started June 9, 2022.

Disbursement for fireworks
Council approved the disbursement of $1,020 from the Community Enhancement Fund to the Forestburg Community Development and Promotions Society.

The Development and Promotions Society is responsible for planning the Canada Day celebration in Forestburg.

Through the Enhancement Fund, $1,020 in donations were raised to sponsor the fireworks.

Kirschman program
Council discussed financial contributions to the Kirschman Bursary program.

The Jack and Lily Kirschman Bursary Program is an educational and economic development initiative that benefits youth enrolled in Forestburg to support their post secondary education and goals.

Council has discussed the possibility of the village making initial and on-going contributions to the program.

Village administration has been reviewing the financial situation of Forestburg to see what form of contribution would be possible for 2022.

Council has made no decision and will wait for more information regarding the financial forecast. More discussion regarding a contribution is expected to take place in the Aug. 11 regular meeting.

Daniel Gonzalez
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