New health initiatives afoot in Hardisty

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

A unique initiative aimed at improving the foot health of east central Alberta has kicked off at the Hardisty Health Centre.
Aimed at aiding otherwise healthy individuals without the physical ability to care for their feet, the new outpatient program will help individuals who are not eligible to receive insured home foot care.
“There are many otherwise healthy people who aren’t able to care for their feet themselves,” said Norah Griffiths, site manager of the Hardisty Health Care centre.

Proper footcare, especially for diabetic and arthritic patients, is vital in preventing complications that can lead to serious injury or illness.
Left untreated, sores on a diabetic foot can lead to serious complications, including foot amputation.
“Proper maintenance of feet, especially in diabetics, can put off long term effects, especially pain, long term infections and amputations,” said Griffiths. “Corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and bunions can all lead to aching, tired or painful feet, and when feet aren’t cared for they can impede mobility, daily activities and even balance.”
In elderly patents, unattended foot issues can cause balance problems which greatly increase the risk of falls.
The clinic, which held its first session on Monday, December 3, will serve clients from across east central Alberta.

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