New group campsite development

The County of Paintearth council has moved to develop a new group campsite at Burma Park, during the July 24 meeting. While the equipment is there to develop the new group site, another five sites will also be constructed.

It has been made aware that Site 1 does not belong to the county. The landowner, concerned with liability, would like to lease the land to the county for $400 annually.

The public will no longer have access to Site 1, as it will remain private land. It is estimated to cost $4,000 to develop the sites and take four days to complete.

Council concluded by choosing to not assume liability of the site and to instead expand the park. The county will take Site 16 and develop it further as well as five more sites.

Halkirk 2 Wind Project

Council accepted a delegation from Terry Vockeroth, a Paintearth County ratepayer, discussing wind energy – more specifically the Halkirk 2 Wind Project.

Vockeroth voiced that Capital Power has not gone to enough lengths to address resident concerns and must be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

“I am pro-energy, of all types,” started Vockeroth, “The only reason I request from residents. “Here is what we want, and here is

what we were promised, and that got absolutely turned aside.” “I think the council before me did their due diligence,” said Reeve Stan Schulmeister.

Councillor Norton moved to accept Vockeroth’s presentation on wind energy as information.

Speed curve intersections

Council has moved the removal of speed curves located at the intersection of Range Road 130 and Township 364, and also at Range Road 133 and Township 372.

“It will be a lot safer,” said Director of Public Works Bryce Cooke, “and easier to maintain.” Speed curves require extra maintenance and time during winter plowing and summer blading.


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