New fitness centre

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

Leaving town will no longer be the only option for those looking to keep in shape in Coronation.  The Coronation and District Wellness Society is on the verge of opening up a new fitness centre, which will provide a variety of fitness equipment for residents to use.  “There was a need for a fitness centre in Coronation,” said Candy Brown, spokesperson for the society. “People were having to travel all of the way to Stettler to work out.”

The 1200 square foot facility will feature a variety of cardio machines, strength trainers, free weights and dumbells. The society has also enlisted the help of a personal trainer, who will be available on occasion to assist members.
Funds for the facility, according to Brown, came from both fundraising amd corporate and private donations within the community.  The facility will be funded primarily through memberships and operated by volunteers from the wellness society. Memberships will start at $30 per month, with discounted rates offered for those who buy a year’s membership.  “We’ve seen a huge shift in the community towards being active,” said Brown. “For us to be doing it in our own community is wonderful.”

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