New fire truck slated for delivery

Town of Hanna
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The Hanna Fire Chief David Kohl reported to Hanna town council at their Nov. 14 regular council meeting that a new fire rescue truck will arrive Nov. 15.

The full M2, 3 ton, 4×4 Freightliner replaces the 22- year-old F550, 2-ton, two-wheel drive fire rescue truck that has outlived its service life, said Mohl.

The new truck will be fully operational within a few days, after radios and equipment from the old truck are installed in the new truck.

Among other things, the new truck sports a paint job superior to all the older trucks by a different manufacturer.

Entrance signs
Town entrance signage has been reviewed by council. It was moved that the old Nickelback sign that was removed previously will be returned, along with another sign stating an upcoming “Nickelback Tour Starts Here.” A tour by the band is being planned by Harvest Sky.

Current networking Gateway equipment that connects all Town of Hanna computers will no longer be supported.

Council approved an estimated $16,000 to purchase new equipment from TELUS while favourable pricing is still an option.

Repairs to rooftop air-handling equipment on town buildings were also approved.

Chief Administrative Officer Kim Neil proposed an amendment to the by-law for business use in one of the Hanna industrial areas by Railway Avenue, that use be moved from discretionary to permitted. These uses include: auction facility, car wash, equipment rental shop, gas bar and service station, manufacturing (heavy), print shop, recycling facility, and self-storage facilities.

Moving wrecker and salvage from discretionary to permitted use was not recommended, after consideration, as these facilities can often be loud and very noisy.
The amendments passed first reading.

The question of a solar power plant in Hanna was raised.

Currently, Hanna by-laws permit a solar power plant in the Urban Reserve, under discretionary use only.

This means Hanna could put some restrictions on the project if one was planned. No solar plants by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) are planned at this time.

The AUC has final authority on where such plants are permitted.

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