New ‘Fire Permit by-law’

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The County of Paintearth passed a new ‘fire permit’ by-law Tuesday July 16, 2013, which includes definitions of what fires are permissible and what is exempted, who will enforce the rules of the by-law and what the repercussions are if not followed.
“All of these rules were in practice before, but just not in by-law form” said county CAO Tarolyn Peach.
“Basically, all this by-law does is reinforce the Forest and Prairie Protection Act,” said Peach.
The new by-law allows a “fire guardian”, who has been appointed by the town and approved by the county and who will work under the supervision of a fire chief, the right to issue a fire permit unconditionally or conditionally and the right to suspend or cancel a fire permit at any time.
A Fire Permit is not required under this by-law for an incinerator fire–a fire confined within a noncombustible container or barrel with an opening, having a heavy gauge metal screen– a barbecue or a camp fire.
This by-law also does not apply to any industrial or commercial type incinerator that is required to be licensed under the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.
Anyone who does not hold a proper fire permit is liable to a fine of $200 for the first offence; a fine of $400 for the second offence; a fine of $1000 for the third offence and so on.
The County of Paintearth has collected 95 per cent of its tax levies to date. $646,000 in tax revenue still needs to be collected by the end of 2013.
High River volunteer
The County will send one of its municipal employees, along with a county truck, to High River to help with flood relief if this employee is called upon to volunteer.
Burma Park water well
Organic material was found in the Burma Park water well. Council said this could be an indicator the well is drying up. On Thursday, July 18 the County sent water samples to a laboratory for testing to determine the longevity of the well.
By-law amendment
The County is considering amending its Land Use By-law. They have decided to research ‘wind tower setbacks’ in other municipalities and plan to bring the findings forward to council before a public hearing is held in regards to amending the by-law.

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