New Delia council tackles agenda

Public works snow removal practices came up for discussion at the Nov. 8 regular meeting of the Delia Council.
Mayor David Sisley expressed concerns regarding where accumulated snow is dumped after removal from village streets.
The current campground location poses problems, blocking the existing drainage channel with the potential for flooding during the spring melt.
According to CAO Mark Nikota, Public Works employees push the snow as far possible utilizing the available equipment.
Dumping outside of the currently used locations would require loading and trucking the snow, significantly increasing costs.
Council directed administration to research options to bring back to the next meeting.

At their Oct. 12 meeting, Delia council approved the installation of an environmental remediation system at 105 – 1st Ave. East, the current community recycling lot.
While the cost for installing the system will be covered by the Tank Site Remediation Grant, an update of the information provided by Parkland Geotechnical Consulting revealed that not only would the village be responsible for the annual monitoring costs, but also any decommissioning costs in approximately two years.
Monitoring costs come in at approximately $7500 per year and decommissioning is roughly estimated at $10,000.
Though the decommissioning costs came as a surprise, council agreed that without the remediation system, the village would continue to have an environmental liability.
“I don’t think we have any choice,” commented Mayor Sisley.
Installation of the system will proceed.

Town hall meetings
At the Oct. 26 Organizational meeting, Delia council discussed a plan to hold village town hall meetings as a way for council to engage with residents.
According to Mayor Sisley, “We need to communicate more with our citizens.”
Council anticipates conducting two public town hall meetings per year, the first to present the public with the plans for the coming year and the second to communicate results.

New streetlight
The installation of a new streetlight at the end of 2nd Avenue West has been put on hold pending further study.
According to CAO Nikota, the location for the proposed light was roughly measured by ATCO in the spring of 2017, prior to finalization of the village budget.
The original estimate to install approximately 48 meters of power line to one new pole came in at $3244 with Delia’s contribution coming to $713 not including tax.
The project was left over the summer to ensure funds would be available to complete the project.
Further inspection of the proposed site revealed that the original measurements would not leave the streetlight in a viable location.
The adjusted scope of work would include between 65 and 87 meters of power line and the installation of two new poles to maintain adequate road crossing clearance.
The revised quote came back at $5698 with the village contribution coming in at $3167 before tax.
According to council, there are quite a few dark areas around the village equally in need of updated lighting.
Council tabled the decision for one month in order to establish an appropriate location.

Cancellation of subdivision
Council gave first reading of Bylaw 627-2017, cancelling Subdivision Plan 9010522.
Owners of the property applied for the cancellation in order to combine the two adjoining parcels of land.
Though the village will lose the minimum tax levy from one property if these lands are amalgamated, the amount will be negligible.
The bylaw will be brought back for second and third readings at the Dec. council meeting.

Linda Stillinger,
ECA Review

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