New councillor sworn in

Andy Folks was welcomed and sworn in as a councillor at the regular meeting of the Delburne village council on March 22, 2022. 

He won the recent by-election after the resignation of Bill Chandler.

Car Show planning underway

Organizers of the June 18 Car Show were in attendance to update the council, seek support and answer questions. For the first time, this year’s car show will include a band in the park and vendors from away, including two food trucks. Other years, restaurants weren’t able to keep up with all the food demands.

Council unanimously passed motions to forego the $10 vendor license fee and agreed to close Main Street from 23 to 27 Avenues from 9 am to 3 pm. Cross streets will remain open.

The car show always works with a society to raffle tickets with proceeds going to three worthy charities, one of which will be the Boys and Girls Club who assume the task of selling tickets. 

Vendors will also be donating a percentage of their revenues to this fundraising effort and a donation bucket is used in lieu of registration fees.

Hall rental

Coun. Jeff Bourne consulted with the Hall Board and they were in agreement with the new proposed fee schedule. 

There is now a three-day event package, where previously it was a wedding package. New fees added were $150 for bar rental, $50 for Bar-B-Q rental and $100 with a $500 deposit for use of the portable stage.  

The motion to accept the new fee schedule was unanimously passed.

Waste management

A motion was unanimously passed to renew a contract with e360 for waste disposal and recycling. 

It is a two-year agreement with a three per cent increase and an option for two, one-year extensions. In contrast to what the village paid with its previous contractor, Waste Management, costs are about half.

Office window replacement

Three quotes were received to replace the village office windows. 

A motion was unanimously carried to accept the lowest bid of $21,240 from Red Deer Windows & Doors. 

Money for this project was carried forward from last year’s federal gas tax grant. In addition to these windows, the 2021 grant provided a furnace in the library and two new furnaces in the community hall.

Administration report

A unanimous  motion accepted Dan Babb and JP Paquette, the only two applicants, as the first members-at-large on the Municipal Planning Commission.

A unanimous motion was carried to authorize payment of an invoice from Kode Carpentry in the amount of $14,575 for work carried out at the Main Street Park in excess of budget.

The Village of Delburne was successful in receiving 100 per cent of their requested federal gas tax fund grant in the amount of $198,000. 

After paying Kode Carpentry and outstanding electrical bills, there will be a lot of money left over. 

Brenda Smith, on behalf of the Futures Committee, will be presenting further enhancements to be considered for the Main Street Park.

Public works has raised the concern about water contamination and the decision by council more than a decade ago to allow an RV parked on a private lot to attach a water hose directly to the Village’s water system to service the RV. 

A motion was unanimously carried to stop this practice.

Property owners are reminded that although the Village of Delburne allows people the courtesy to look through the land file of the property they own, the village isn’t under any obligation to provide additional information not included in the file. 

The records contained in village files are the property of the village and for the sole use of the village.

Public Works Foreman, Gary Rusaw advised that he is still awaiting the new tractor to be delivered from the United States. Because our current tractor must go to auction this week, the Trochu dealership is looking to provide a temporary tractor. All the attachments have arrived.

FCSS is very anxious to do something this year for Volunteer Week April 24 – 30. 

Chief Administrator Officer, (CAO) Karen Began will contact FCSS and indicate the village’s desire to also move forward. 

As COVID is still a concern, a barbeque was suggested as a way to allow for social distancing for those who have concerns.

Trochu Arboretum

Carol Ann Holmstrom attended the meeting to introduce the Arboretum’s initiative for the federal government’s recently declared ‘Year of the Garden’. For their spring project, they will be growing ‘red’. She encourages all municipalities to get involved as well.

Vesekys Seeds from PEI have donated poppy seeds and the Trochu Arboretum will be mailing flyers with seeds to each household throughout the region. 

The Village of Delburne has been asked to provide the postage for their residents. A decision will be made when mailing costs are determined.


Brenda Schimke

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