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Superintendent Leys has been working with the new Communications Coordinator Tricia Simon in January and shared with the board of trustees his appreciation and thanks to Ms. Laurette Woodward on the work done over the past year.

As we are now close to half-way through the learning calendar, Superintendent Leys has been meeting one-on-one with learning leaders and school principals to review their strategic initiatives, staffing considerations, supports needed, and any other conversations towards ensuring a successful year.

Setting goals and recognizing where assistance is required is all part of these important discussions.

Literacy successes and supports are a key initiative for 2022-23 in addressing the learning gaps following COVID-19 disruptions, with the superintendent participating in the Literacy Assessment Committee and hosting conversations on literacy strategies.

During December and January, the Superintendent has been active in connecting with our schools, including attending holiday concerts in December and participating in school visits along with trustees at Gus Wetter School and Botha School.

Education plan

The Annual Education Results Report (AERR) for the end of the 2021-22 school year, including the planning for the 2022-2025 learning years, is being finalized and will soon be submitted to Alberta Education.

“I am very pleased with Clearview’s results and cannot wait to share them with all of our stakeholders. They demonstrate the board and staff’s commitment to excellence and dedication to our students.

“Clearview demonstrated success above the province in almost all areas!”

The final version of this report will be shared with all staff, communities and families later in January.

Quebec student trip

This will be a once in a lifetime experience for the 23 students from Big Valley and Byemoor schools and three chaperones involved in the exchange.

Activities and itineraries, in both Quebec and Alberta locations, are being finalized and involve many experiences for students to engage in.

Trustees visit schools

They enjoyed engaging with students and staff at both Botha and Gus Wetter schools. Seeing students in their element is always a highlight of these tours, as is speaking with staff about their accomplishments and any concerns they may have.

Celebrating our staff

In Clearview we are pleased to celebrate Staff Appreciation Week Feb. 13 – 17 where we encourage parents and the wider community to recognize the personal and professional contributions that our staff make to children and their education.

Clearview has dedicated staff members such as teachers, administrative assistants, education assistants, learning commons assistants, mechanics, maintenance staff, bus drivers, custodians, inclusive professionals and division office staff who support the work of educating students.

Meaningful engagement

Trustees have reached out to local municipal governments and representatives to determine interest in having a meeting to discuss common interests, and best ways to serve communities.

There is significant interest from partners with the next Local Government Education meeting to be hosted on March 1, 2023. The board will move forward with planning the meeting for sometime in the next few weeks. The board will use the opportunity to discuss joint-use agreements between Clearview and municipalities.

Board approves pilot program

Clearview recognizes the work done by our communities and families to ensure viable community facilities and outdoor spaces are available, both for the community at large and for the students of Clearview.

Such spaces are an important part of both the strength of rural areas and to the success of our students in their learning.

To that end, the board of trustees has established for 2023 a pilot program of $100,000 that will see dollars available for community projects that are either on or in school areas, or are used by students towards their learning successes.

Bridge re-routing buses

Currently Clearview has to re-route several buses around bridges in the County of Stettler due to weight limits. This extra distance adds over 40 km per day in travel, with more ride time for students, and costs the division a little over $11,000 per year.

The board will advocate for increased infrastructure funding to be provided to municipalities to assist them in dealing with these issues.

Budget development

Budget development started for 2023-24 and will be accomplished through information gathering and consultation, consolidation of data and report preparation, and taking into account budget directions.

The board values the opportunity to engage with stakeholders to understand the needs of schools and communities. It began discussions today about how it will hear about priorities in advance of its spring budgeting, so it can factor the input into decisions.

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