New business parking lot sparks concern

Sweet Haven Barn, a relatively new business in the county near Huxley, has asked council to consider changing the land use bylaw to allow for a parking lot on their property.

Owners Carl and Tanya Scheunert have applied to redesignate an additional three-acre portion of their property to have a parking and camping space to better accommodate guest requests.

This was not contemplated in the original application, however, the couple wanted to create an alternative to avoid the potential for drinking and driving and parking along the range road near their home.

Strict policies have also been put in place to avoid disturbing the neighbours with loud noises.

The subject parcel is bound by Range Road 245 on the east and is located one mile north of Highway 587.

The applicants have already redesignated a two acre area and have constructed a 6,560 square foot building as a venue for events including weddings and family reunions with an approximate capacity of 250 people.

After a public hearing, council found the project to be beneficial as it would help create economic diversity and attract visitors through tourism and services.

The public hearing did have some pushback from neighbours as Ernie and Marjorie Scheunert sent in a letter opposing the development as well as saying their piece at the public hearing on Tues. April 23.

“As taxpayers in this county, are we allowed any consideration in this decision before or are we dismissed again as unimportant?” said the couple in their letter to council.

A taxpayer by the name of Denise Radomski sent in a letter of concern as to what the safety would be as well as regulations for visitors.

The owners did admit that as a new business there would be growing pains they must endure as like any other business, in their rebuttal to the opinions expressed.

For campfires, they explained that provisions in their contract with the wedding couple includes a no open flames policy, and noise abatement.

The parking lot will have room designated for emergency personnel to have easy access.

Kneehill Medical Clinic rent subsidized

After a closed session, council approved to subsidize 10 per cent of the Kneehill Medical Clinic as they have acknowledged there are some issues with the building.

The clinic will be paying 90 per cent of the rent from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.

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